Our Staff

Technical Support

Orville climbed aboard in 2007. Armed with an EE from SJSU, Orville spent 12 years at Quement Electronics followed by a decade at R & D Electronics; He’s our weapon-of-choice whenever technical questions arise.


Horalia has been with us since 2002. Originally from Mexico, she and her husband came to California over 25 years ago. Horalia (the ‘H’ is silent) enjoys reading, gardening, cooking, and, fortunately for us, cleaning!


Anamie joined the Anchor team in 2006. Her first language is Tagalog and she is usually the one behind the parts counter; greeting everyone warmly. Family, traveling, and dancing are favorites of Anamie’s.


Mayra is our newest crewmember, having joined Anchor in 2013. Extremely bright, Mayra has done quite well absorbing electronic parts knowledge. She’s an avid reader, soft-spoken and has (at least) two tattoos!