Used Test Equipment

While we don’t normally sell used test equipment, there have been exceptions. This is one of those times. We’ve got about a dozen HP/Agilent pieces that are from longtime customers of ours. These items are known to be working, have been well maintained and have many more years left in them;

HP 437B Power Meter with 11730A cable and HP 8484A sensor – $399.
Agilent E3630A Power Supply – $325.
HP E3648A Power Supply w/manual – $749
HP 8502A Transmission/Reflection Test Set – $375.
HP 8563E Spectrum Analyzer w/85620A & set of HAT-5 attenuators – $2,800.
HP 8754A Network Analyzer – $995.
HP 16500B Logic Analyzer System with (1) HP16510A & (1) HP16515/165616 – $200.
HP 54845A Infinium Scope, 4-channel, 1.5GHz, includes (4) 1152A Active Probes – $4,800.