Used Test Equipment

Here are some items we just happened upon… They came from regular customers of ours, are in good working order and we’ll give a 30-day warranty.

Agilent DSO3102A, 100MHz Oscilloscope – $450.
Anatek 6060 Dual Power Supply 0-60V, 1A – $250.
BK Precision 3017A 2MHz Sweep Function Generator – $175.
HP355D VHF Attenuator – $89.
HP765D 20dB RF Dual Directional Coupler – $75.
HP8750A Storage Normalizer – $195.
Instek GDM-8040 Digital Multimeter – $150.
Keithley 197A Autoranging Microvolt DMM – $175.
Narda 369BNM High Power Termination – $295.
Omron SYSMAC Programmable Controller – $395. (bundle includes manual, controller, prog. console and dip switch setting)